1. "The circuit courts of appeal have consistently acknowledged that the government, having designated a forum as a public forum subject to the First Amendment rules that are applied to traditional public fora, may close the designated public forum as it sees fit."

  2. "Mr. Rosen was assured by the owners of the disputed artwork that it was indeed authentic."

  3. "It was a mistake your honor."

  4. "

    I think she suddenly woke up one morning and had an epiphany and she suddenly realized and appreciated the seriousness of the events that led to her being in court.

    [ …]

    She’s going to try to inspire hope in people. I think it will be good for her. It certainly won’t hurt others.


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    It has come to the defendant’s attention that the plaintiff publicly appears that he does not suffer from PTSD, but rather, lives a fully functional and healthy life, traveling, spending time with his children, and visiting with friends and family.

    [ … ]

    The plaintiff has posted photographs of himself on Facebook which were or still are publicly available. However, status posts, many photographs, and other interactions the plaintiff has with his Facebook ‘friends’ is currently private and unavailable for those who are not his friends to see. Additionally, photographs and social network information that the plaintiff has on his cell phone and personal computer are also currently private and unavailable for others to see in reference to this litigation.