The government’s bulk warrants, which demand ‘all’ communications and information in 24 broad categories from the 381 targeted accounts, are the digital equivalent of seizing everything in someone’s home. Except here, it is not a single home but an entire neighborhood of nearly 400 homes […] The vast scope of the government’s search and seizure here would be unthinkable in the physical world.
It has come to Facebook’s attention that you are marketing technology that is designed to violate Facebook’s terms. Specifically, the “Defaceable” browser software offered at interferes with the proper rendering of the Facebook website, and places unauthorized graphics on Facebook profiles and pages. This software, and your activities associated with it, violates Facebook’s terms.

Actually, the individual to whom Facebook lawyer Carla L. Reyes sent this letter has absolutely nothing at all to do with the Defaceable extension or anyone else associated with it. #duediligence

Facebook Threatens To Sue TechCrunch Commenter — by Sarah Perez