Mrs. Goodman led everyone upstairs, past the pool of blood on the carpet, into the bedroom, where she had found her husband dead. She gave the police a tour of the home. Mrs. Goodman even placed bloody towels and the shards of a coffee cup in a plastic grocery bag and offered these items to investigators, who told her they did not need the evidence.
The punishment is the restriction of liberty; no other rights have been removed by the sentencing court. Therefore the sentenced offender has all the same rights as all others who live in Norway.

Confessed killer Breivik to be held in ‘preventive detention’ -

This wasn’t quoted from a lawyer, but from a fact sheet by the Norwegian correctional system. I’m posting it because a lawyer probably, or at least should have, written it, and it’s relevant.

As parents, we entrust our teachers with the care of our children to cultivate and nurture their foundations, not to exploit their innocence, nor rob them of their childhood.