“The United States has charged Kim Dotcom with criminal liability for the acts of his Megaupload cloud storage users, a form of secondary copyright infringement. But no criminal statute for secondary copyright infringement exists.”
“Accordingly, the request for preliminary injunction is DENIED. Should the parties choose to string this case out to trial on the merits, the Court encourages reasonable discovery intercourse as they navigate the peaks and valleys of litigation, perhaps to reach a happy ending. It is so ORDERED.”
“Mr. Rosen was assured by the owners of the disputed artwork that it was indeed authentic.”
“Once you’ve filed, which Hassan has, you are legally allowed to remain in the U.S. So we’ve gotten him that initial protection.”
“I guarantee that this is not a doctor running a classic pill mill where everybody is standing around with cash in their hands coming in and buying whatever they want.”
“Mrs. Goodman led everyone upstairs, past the pool of blood on the carpet, into the bedroom, where she had found her husband dead. She gave the police a tour of the home. Mrs. Goodman even placed bloody towels and the shards of a coffee cup in a plastic grocery bag and offered these items to investigators, who told her they did not need the evidence.”
“In light of the results seen so far, we would be crazy to recommend to our clients to participate in a settlement that will force clients to agree to a process that may pay them nothing, and preclude their court rights.”
“The punishment is the restriction of liberty; no other rights have been removed by the sentencing court. Therefore the sentenced offender has all the same rights as all others who live in Norway.”

Confessed killer Breivik to be held in ‘preventive detention’ - latimes.com

This wasn’t quoted from a lawyer, but from a fact sheet by the Norwegian correctional system. I’m posting it because a lawyer probably, or at least should have, written it, and it’s relevant.

“This is an incident where it seemed the photographer was doing his job taking photographs, and the police overacted and attempted to intimidate him and block him, leading to his arrest.”
“With a long history of substance abuse, if the mind has deteriorated or he’s become mentally ill as a result of the ingestion of those particular products or those particular narcotics, voluntary intoxication is not what happened on that day. It’s mentally ill on that day.”
“The hospital will issue a statement shortly about his official medical status to curb the rumors and confusion from last night about his death reported by irresponsible media that has driven the country into a state of madness.”
“Mr. Plumadore is very at peace with this decision. Even yesterday after the sentence was imposed he realized that he was never going to see freedom again and he understands that and he accepted that.”
“There are no victims in this case. Victims only come about when you 12 people decide there are victims. Mr. Sandusky has always said he is innocent.”