“In light of the potential civil claims by the studios, we demand that Carpathia preserve all material in its possession, custody, or control, including electronic data and database, related to Megaupload or its operations. This would include, but is not limited to, all information identifying or otherwise related to the content files uploaded to, stored on and/or downloaded from Megaupload; all data associated with those content files, the uploading or downloading of those files, and the Megaupload users who uploaded or downloaded those files.”
“We of course would like to think the United States and Megaupload would both be united in trying to avoid such a consumer protection calamity whereby innocent consumers could permanently lose access to everything from word processing files to family photos and many other things that could never practically be considered infringing.”
— Ira Rothken, attorney for file-transfer site Megaupload | MegaUpload User Data Soon to be Destroyed | TorrentFreak
“The indictment shows that Kim Dotcom was deeply involved in every aspect of the site, designed the site to encourage infringement, helped specific users find pirated content and improve the piracy experience, paid uploaders who were also in it for money, and knew about lots of very specific infringement. Thus, even under YouTube’s extreme view of the DMCA protections, the DMCA would provide no defense. Criminal and civil proceedings each have a different set of processes and outcomes, and are certainly not mutually exclusive. There are many times—such as in the case of Megaupload—where it is entirely appropriate for both types of action to take place.”
— Viacom General Counsel Michael Fricklas, commenting on Megaupload’s dissimilarity to YouTube | "We’re just like YouTube," Megaupload lawyer tells Ars
“Whatever allegations that they can make against Megaupload they could have made against YouTube. And YouTube prevailed!”
— Megaupload lawyer, comparing his clients to YouTube regarding infringement allegations | "We’re just like YouTube," Megaupload lawyer tells Ars